Honest & Transparent!

We Sell Your Data

Our company doesn't attempt to provide you a service in exchange for your data. Instead, you voluntarily give us your data, and you receive nothing in return.

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How It Works

We Sell Your Data

You give us your data and we sell it.
It's easy, it's fast, it's simple.

Your Data Is Sold By Us

Your data, which you gave us, is sold.
We give people your data
(in exchange for currency).

You Get Nothing

In return for your data, you receive nothing.
We will now proceed to sell your data.

Our Principles


Other companies hide their data policy behind a lengthy Terms and Conditions.
At We Sell Your Data, we are proud to announce that we are 100% open and transparent about our data policy. Our policy is that we sell your data.


When you sell your data indiscriminately, data security and privacy become concerns of the past. We Sell Your Data ensures you no longer worry about your data ending up in the wrong hands. Is it safe? Is it secure? It definitely isn't.


No, you cannot customize who we sell your data to.

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Happy Clients

Timmy Martin

Small Child

I'm definitely too young to be on the internet.

Marie White

Unsuspecting Victim

My data was sold and I didn't even realize it. Oh well, should have read the terms and conditions!

Who We Sell To

But who exactly do we sell your data to? Take a closer look into our amazing team of purchasers.
Images of Saudi Crown Prince, Putin, and Kim Jong Un

Foreign Agents

Russian Federation, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, A Nice Man Who Wants To Read Your Text Messages

Who doesn't have their data saved in a warehouse in Siberia these days? It's all the rage! You too can join the millions of other fabulous people who have their data stored away by an enemy state.

Image of a lady trying to sell you Viagra


Penis Enlargement, Erectile Dysfunction,
Hot MILFs Looking For Fun Near You

Have you always wanted to appear in an ad for Viagra? Now's your chance! We've sold your likeness to the most embarassing companies we could think of. Now all your friends will think you are a MILF with Erectile Dysfunction. Haha!

Image of creepy stalkers

Your Friends and Family

Aunt Jane, Uncle Alan, Your Weird Coworker Max Who May Or May Not Be Stalking You

Don't want your friends and family to see your most intimate browsing habits? Read your private messages calling them terrible names? Know where you are at every waking moment of the day? Too late! We sold them your data!

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Read Our Privacy Policy Read Our Privacy Policy Read Our Privacy Policy

Read Our Privacy Policy Read Our Privacy Policy
Read Our Privacy Policy Read Our Privacy Policy Read Our Privacy Policy

We Sell Your Data is the ONLY service that does exactly what it promises to do with your data.
Within minutes of giving them my data, they sold my data to buyers all over the world. Amazing.

About 28 mins ago